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The Free Insider's Guide to Invest in Oil was created by industry advisers solely to educate potential investors on how to evaluate direct oil drilling investments and narrow down the probability of dealing with a legitimate company.

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Why invest in Oil with Yohawk Energy?

Monthly Revenue Checks 

 Investing in oil can return 30% - 60% per year and monthly revenue checks on an active well. 

Huge Tax Advantages

With the Tax Reform Act, the US Government has created huge tax advantages for investing in oil

Reduced Risk

Even with the inherent risk or oil investing. If the well fails to produce, 100% of your investment may be written off

Investor Information

Why invest in oil?

Learn the secrets to why you should invest in oil. Why the wealthy continue to invest in oil. Benefits of investing in oil. Pitfalls to avoid and more.

Oil Tax Incentives

Investing in oil can provide several tax incentives. Here you can find a list of different tax incentives and benefits you receive when investing in oil.

Invest in Oil FAQ

Investors in oil can have lots of questions. Here are the most common questions ask about oil investing. As well as resources to get more answers.

About Investing in Oil and Gas in Texas

"I invest heavily in oil" "I don't invest in oil companies like Exxon or Chevron, I actually invest in oil fields, because of the tax breaks, what most people don't understand is the tax laws are actually incentives for professional investors."

Robert T. Kiyosaki - Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Just like real estate was a good buy for the right investor in 2009-2010, so is oil and gas investing for the right investor now,”

Tom Wheelwright, CEO of ProVision Wealth
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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is an independent exploration and production company engaged in the development and production of proven under-developed (PUD) natural gas and oil properties located in Texas.
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